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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 13:07

Tourism WCBCF interest in and around Hermanus.

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"Hermanus will stay the icon of beauty and class"

We have noted a decline in the tourism numbers for our region during the holiday period of December and January. It is, however, important to remember that the economic climate in South Africa has been part and parcel of the decline, we should also not shy away from the negative actions in our town during the 2018 calendar year who have left scares on our community. The tourism industry in Hermanus and the region has always been one of the key economic contributors to our prosperity. The full effects of the 2018 unrest will only be truly noted if we compare a larger sample of 6 months to a year upon year basis.


We have also been proactive and engaged with several top tourism companies, travel agents and CEO’s within in the tourism industry. The protest actions and instability only contributed a small amount of damage to our brand reputation. This is positive as we can certainly turn this around. In April/May we will also host a number of Travel agents and Travel expertise to showcasing our beautiful region. As we move forward, we intend to ensure the branding of Hermanus and our region remains a top priority. We would also like to call upon all in the tourism sector to remain positive and reflect positive messaging to visitors and prospective visitors at all times

We intent on hosting a tourism get together and discusses the issues and way forward facing us all. Become a member if you’re not a member of the forum already and stay up to date with the developments.

Clinton Lerm is steering the Tourism Committee.

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