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Saturday, 29 June 2019 09:01

Forum Newsletter - June 2019

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Schulphoek Update 19 June 2019

Judge Elize Steyn presided in the matter which was enrolled for hearing 18th June 2019 in the Cape High Court.
Posts from Ndzongana and posts on Zwehile Renewal's Facebook groups about what happened in Court are incorrect.

At the commencement of the hearing the counsel for the illegal occupiers, Adv Twala, applied to court for more time to file their answering affidavits, claiming that he represents 2001 persons of the approximately 3000 persons occupying Schulphoek, and that the remaining persons elected are not represented by him.

The judge was extremely critical of the failure of the legal representatives of the applicants (land owners) and of the illegal occupiers, and Overstrand Municipality, to comply properly with the court order as granted on 5th February 2019, and the Court's practice rules, regarding filing of further affidavits and/or heads of argument, and was disinclined to hear the matter without affording the legal representatives of the illegal occupiers a final opportunity to file their opposing affidavit/s. The judge pointed out that if the matter had to be proceeded with yesterday, evictions of illegal occupiers would take place in the middle of winter, which would not happen on her watch. Therefore she would rather grant a final postponement of the matter for a short period, in order to allow affidavits to be filed and the matter to be properly ventilated.

Adv E Wessels SC, acting pro bono, attended court in a watching brief capacity, briefed by Adrian Louw and Associates, on behalf of the Whale Coast Business and Community Forum, a public interest entity representing business and community interests in the Greater Hermanus area, and addressed the court on the need to expedite the final hearing of the matter, as the influx of illegal occupiers continues daily and the Rule of Law, to the detriment of all the communities of Hermanus, is being undermined. Accordingly an order was handed down which ordered the counsel for the illegal occupiers to file notice within a week, stating the names of all persons he claims to represent, and to file their affidavit/s not later than two weeks from the date of the order, whereafter the other parties would be entitled to file replying affidavits if necessary, as well as heads of argument timeously, before the date of the next hearing being 5th September 2019. As part of the order the judge ruled that should the illegal occupiers not file their opposing affidavits within two weeks, the application for eviction would be disposed of in their absence, as an unopposed application for eviction, which could in that event, be enrolled at an earlier court date.

WCBCF would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Adv. E Wessels and Adrian Louw and Associates for assisting the community of Hermanus in this matter.

The WCBCF are still invested in Schulphoek Draft Concept Plan BLM (Better Life Model), and attend the monthly stakeholders meetings. Next stakeholders meeting has been postponed from 24th June 2019 until 8th July 2019 despite objections.


Hanneli Slabber, South African Tourism’s Country Manager to India, gave an inspiring talk about the Indian Tourism Market and the opportunities for the local travel Industry. The well-attended talk, an initiative of the Whale Coast Business and Community Forum , was held in the Hermanus Municipal Auditorium on 23 April 2019. Hanneli did not disappoint with her talk, backed with impressive statistical data, when she once again reminded us that South Africa has something new to discover across all its offerings.

For the Indian market, South Africa has become a must-visit destination where travellers will experience something new with every single visit. Adventure enthusiasts can choose from a variety of exciting activities – on land, air and water. These include numerous cycling, hiking and running trails. They can also surf, watch whales and dive with sharks - a one-stop destination for the adrenaline junkie. Tourists can choose from gritty bush experiences to opulent luxury in a private lodge.
A gastronomical haven for food lovers, Indian travellers of late are reassured of finding cuisines and flavours from all over the world, including many Indian Restaurants.

“India is an important market for South African Tourism”, said Hanneli, “and our trade partners have been vital in our success.” She emphasised that it is essential that they engage with their local partners in meaningful and innovative ways to allow them to sell the destination and experiences to South Africa first-hand. South African Tourism has designed specials portals for the Indian Travel Partners to feature and promote local tourism partners’ best packages, often at no cost.
The industry has experienced huge developments in terms of product offering, as well as changes in the way they operate in the Indian market- in fact, they are now getting ‘made for Bangalore in South Africa’ offerings from various South African players!
What is in it for you? India has always been an important market for South Africa, with arrivals rising steadily each quarter. Hanneli encouraged tourism role players to tap into this emerging market. This can be done by refining their products to take advantage of South African Tourism’s endeavours to create destination loyalists and increase visits from this part of the world.


Letter to Overstrand Municipality by one of our members :
Regarding the planned roadworks on Main Road and the High Street, the Municipality, the ward councillor and the press have led us to believe that these were definitely starting on 1 May 2019.
I was at a meeting on Wednesday 3 April with the contractors of the Bientang's sewerage project. Again, the 1 May was confirmed for the next project.

The month of May has come and gone, and, as yet, we have had no communication in any media as to these proposals.
Many businesses have already had a poor 16 months since the 'troubles'
started. Knowing that the town would be in a state of upheaval with road closures has resulted in a significant number of businesses in the CBD relocating, being put up for sale or closing.
Last week, one tenant in the High Street who was closing down in the face of the financial strain, was told by his landlord that the roadworks were 'halted' and that contractors had not been appointed.

Knowing how easily facts become rumours, may we have clarification as to what the status of the roadworks is?
If there is any change in the programme, businesses can take this into consideration and plan accordingly.
Living with this uncertainty is very stressful to business owners, and detrimental to trade and tourism.

Overstrand Municipality’s reply:
As we previously stated at the public meeting the Municipality undertook to convene a public meeting as soon as the contractor has been appointed.
The exact time line for construction would be conveyed at this meeting.
Unfortunately the contractor has not been appointed as a result of an awaited CIDB grading.
It was stated that the grading would be forthcoming today 10th June 2019. If we receive it and we can proceed a public meeting will be convened in order to discuss the way forward and possible time lines.

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