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Monday, 27 May 2019 08:08

Schulphoek update

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Report back from the first 2 meetings for the Schulphoek Working Group which were held on 17th April and 13th May 2019.

Schulphoek update

17th April 2019

Meeting was chaired by Masizole Mnqasela, Western Cape Parliament.

The Land Party / Zwelihle Renewal / Overstrand Unite (Siya Notwala, Theron Mqu and Vanessa Swanepoel) did not produce their proposal for the Schulphoek Draft Concept which was due in the previous meeting.

Additional proposals were received from New Harbour Precinct and the ANC.

The Land Party / Zwelihle Renewal / Overstrand Unite were granted a final extension until the next meeting to be held on 13th May 2019.

13th May 2019

Meeting now chaired by Phila Mayisela, Chief Directorate, Western Cape Human Settlements Department.

In this meeting there were 5 new persons attending on behalf of the Land Party, 4 from Zwelihle Renewal and 1 from the Land Party. The first hour was spent revising the previous meeting due to having new constituents who were not up to date on matters raised in the first meeting.

Despite strong objections for a further extension from WCBCF, Schulphoek Action Group and Rate Payers, Phila Mayisela granted the Land Party / Zwelihle Renewal / Overstrand Unite until close of business Friday 17th May 2019.

The Land Party / Zwelihle Renewal / Overstrand Unite, have to date still not submitted a proposal.

The resolutions adopted at the first meeting 17th April 2019 were :

  1. The Stakeholders that are resident in Zwelihle must engage with their constituents to stop further invasions / occupation in Schulphoek, to ensure realisation of the project.
  2. Mr. Lala must avail himself as mediator to assist the process with conflict management.
  3. All members of this Work Group meeting must attend a site visit to the desalination plant, in De Kelders, Gansbaai.
  4. No planned meeting before the general elections.

The resolutions adopted at the second meeting 13th May 2019 to follow shortly.

Next meeting is to be held on 3rd June 2019



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