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At the 2018 AGM of HPP, held on 4 Dec 2018, an Advisory “HPP Safety & Security Committee”, initiated by property rate payers present, was established. This was to provide that the greater community is represented and ensure more transparency and inclusion of ratepayers in the HPP special rates zone, and could advise the HPP on their matters of concern.

The recent spate of unrest, as well as the raging veld fires in the Overstrand, has necessitated greater community involvement in order to strengthen the hand of Law enforcement agencies and Emergency services. The cooperation of the various parties was in many instances hampered by the absence of a nodal centre to where information could be sent to, and from where the necessary resources could be dispatched from. A need for joint planning- and command and control centre was identified by all role players.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 06:51

Hermanus CBD Cluster

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Short Summary of the CBD Meeting Held

The Whale Coast Business and Community Forum with close to 800 members from the amalgamation of the CCF and HBCF held a meeting in the CBD to establish its first of many to follow Clusters.

The CBD and the composition of our town have many sectors and we understand that not all suburbs or industrial areas have the same issues. Thus we will establish a number of Clusters within our structure.  During the CBD Cluster meeting, it was established that three issues need urgent attention.

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